Kyoto Tokyu Hotels – the food

Whenever I frequent hotels, often I neglect to try out in-house restaurants because there’s an abundance of culinary choices waiting for me outside of the hotel that served authentic cuisine.  Most of the time, it’s only breakfast that I would enter a hotel restaurant and it’s usually generic food items found in most buffet breakfasts. The hotel I stayed at, there was a special area at the breakfast buffet that showcased local food items. Apparently, the Tokyu Hotel chain has a dedicated area in all of their hotels in Japan to feature some homegrown food items – makes me want to visit all of them!

Check out these amazingly red cherry tomatoes!!!

Bright red tomatoes
Bright red cherry tomatoes

For lunch, I was able to check out the hotel’s Chinese restaurant. Coming from Hong Kong, where Chinese food is a staple, I was quite hesitant to enter, but when my order came, Spicy Dan Dan Noodles (擔擔麵), it was pretty spot on! In fact, the combination of noodles, minced meat, and spice blended so well together. They even had a special tool, a spoon-like device with holes like a sift, to scoop up the ‘stuff’ (minced meat, spring onions, preserved vegetables) from the soup base after noodles are eaten. They also had a side of white Japanese rice to mix the leftover soup base with in case one was still hungry. I can’t get enough of Japanese rice, it glistens, and has the right amount of gluten that it sticks perfectly together. Even though I was full from the bowl of noodles, I couldn’t resist and finished the rice! It was amazing!

A size of dim sum was also served, finished off with dessert – it was delectable  and authentic!!  A great meal!

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