Japan – random and cute

During my recent trip to Kyoto, Nagoya and Tokyo in Japan, I was able to walk around the city (well, mostly Tokyo) and I came across some interesting yet random but sometimes cute things.

It was a hot summers day in Shibuya, (west part of Tokyo) a crowd formed outside Parco, a multi-story shopping mall housing trendy fashion and accessories. The set up looked like a mini carnival. As I walked closer, people were crowded to take pictures with him:

Gari Gari Kun

Gari Gari-Kun apparently is a transformer-like robot – unlike American Transformers where a truck, for example, is transformed to a massive looking robot, or even something more dramatic. The transformation of Gari Gari Kun Transformers is from an ice popsicle to the stubby looking boy/robot like the one above. I don’t know what the story behind this character is, but the locals love him. Locals were rushing to take pictures with him.

As I was walking around, I was getting hungry and was looking for a quick snack – something sweet and petite. Only in Japan, you can find such cute donuts – I couldn’t resist and had to get one of these!

Cute Donuts

Some more random things that I saw while walking around…

Although not random…Tokyo has been shortlisted as the candidate city to the 2020 Summer Olympics. I was told the reason the why they lost to Rio for 2016 was because the city wasn’t spirited/supportive enough. So this time around, everywhere in Tokyo had signage to support the Olympic candidacy. I saw this all around town.

Support tokyo as candidate city
Support tokyo as candidate city

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