Taipei – amazing food, buffet style

In my previous posts, I mentioned I usually try to go out and experience local delicacies instead of trying restaurants inside the hotel. However,  when I was in Taipei last week, the hotel I stayed at Palais de Chine Hotel, their restaurants are well known and always packed. So I decided to try their lunch buffet. Overall, the presentation of their food selection was amazing.

As starter, I went to the salad section. Whenever I travel, I’m very conscience of getting enough vegetable intake because it’s easy just to snack on unhealthy items and just eat meat!

The vegetable selections are  locally grown vegetables that are only available in Taiwan, some of which are interesting. I tried all of their sections and all were fresh and tasty. I definitely got my fair share of veggies!

Onto the seafood section, specifically sushi. Being a sushi lover and knowing Taipei has good sushi, I was somewhat disappointed in the quality of the fish offered. Let’s put it this way, I’ve had better sushi in Taipei. I must applaud on their presentation though.

On to more seafood, this time shellfish and salmon. Their presentation was very colorful and attractive. I don’t eat shellfish much, but the presentation made me crave for some.

There was also a Thai section and main course. The hotel had a Canadian lobster promotion. There was a choice between ordering one, or an all you can eat option. Having had so much at the buffet, my friends and I decided on ordering a la carte plus some other main course items.  Being in Taipei, having beef noodles is a must…and it was good! We wanted to save room for dessert!

Finally, dessert…I think I don’t need to say anymore…the pictures says it all!


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