Taipei – toast a mile high…with a touch of bling

Taipei is known for street foods and snacks, but I came across a cafe that serves unique toasts – honey toast. When I think of toast, I think of the usual food item served at breakfast – thinly sliced pieces served with butter and jam.

At Dazzling Cafe, their version of toast isn’t for breakfast, but as a dessert or afternoon snack. Plus, the toast is so thick, you need help from just to correctly dismantle the concoction and a pair of tongs to serve. There’s a variety of flavors to choose from, ranging from chocolate to mango, but I decided on berries – strawberries, blueberries toped with raspberry ice cream and whipped cream on danish toast. Check this out!

Super High Toast
Super High Danish Toast with berries, whipped cream and raspberry ice cream

The staff first separates the berries and ice cream before evenly spreading the whipped cream onto the toast. The toast is then cut into individual sticks so that it can be further cut into bit-sized pieces to devour with the berries and ice cream together.

The cafe also serves savory dishes, also good, but ordering the toast is a must! For the first time, I tried their seafood pasta and truffle french fries.  The french fries had very strong taste and smell of truffle oil while the seafood pasta had strong flavors of tomatoes, olive oil and the seafood was fresh.

As you enter any of the seven outlets in Taiwan (four in Taipei, the rest in Taichung, Tainan, Hsinchu), an aura of elegance coupled with bling is exemplified. Decorations at all of the outlets are different. I was told that the owner of the outlets once started off selling jewelry, loves jewelry, then in 2010, opened up their first honey toast cafe and of course incorporating ‘bling bling’ into the theme. In addition, Hello Kitty is their mascot. Several merchandizes are exclusively sold in the cafes. A must go for Hello Kitty lovers.

A small tip. Lines at most of their outlets are very long and no reservations are allowed. I’ve waited for more than one hour to be seated. I have since found an outlet in Taipei Breeze Center (微風廣場) to be to lesser frequented outlet – Dazzling Cafe Deluxe.

For a complete list of dazzling cafe outlets, click here.



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