Qingdao – china’s coastal community

Wow, it’s been six months since I posted my travels here, sorry for that. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been traveling – I have! In fact, since then, I’ve been to Kunming, China, Beijing, China, Tokyo, Japan, Porland, Oregon, New York City, Singapore..and many more. I can’t keep track! I will find time to post all of my travels in my upcoming posts, but I want to share with you my most recent trip to a place I haven’t been, but have always wanted to go – Qingdao, China. Yes, this is the original city that manufactures the world famous Tsingdao Beer!

Qingdao is located in northeastern China, just south of Beijing and a quick one hour flight. A second tier city, Qingdao is heavily influenced by the Germans because of World War One. Even today, you can still find traces of German aspects, especially the architecture.

Since Qingdao is a coastal city, the most desired type of cuisine is of course seafood. Every meal, seafood was ordered. Even though my visit was during slow season, the seafood was still very fresh.  It’s not recommended to have seafood raw because it’s usually taken from shallow waters, which could be somewhat contaminated. Nevertheless, I’m happy with cooked oysters, fish, any type of shellfish! I was a happy camper!

A visit to Tsingdao Beer Museum is a must and a worthwhile one! The museum is actually really interesting and very interactive. Hops and malt is a few of the ingredient to beer making. At the museum, there was a section where you can taste these raw ingredient! It was pretty cool. In addition to showcasing the history of Tsingdao Beer, which was introduced by the Germans (took them three years to ship equipment and perfect the beer in Qingdao), there was a room “drunk room” where you can experience what drunk feels like. It was pretty neat to experience. The museum is very well done and demonstrated German’s positive influence to this city. It made me have a new found appreciation of Germans.

I always thought there was just one kind of Tsingdao beer, but there’s actually a lot of different kinds.

Another famous beverage is Laoshan Water. Qingdao is surrounded by mountains. Laoshan is one of the most famous is very well known of their water purity. Because it was low season when I went, I wasn’t able to visit Laoshan, so instead, I went to the supermarket and tried all of the Laoshan water varieties!

Qingdao was an amazing experience. I will definitely return during the summer months when most of the other attractions open.

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