Kunming – clear & scenic

Continuing my previous post about my first time travels to a Chinese city and province, last December, I went to Kunming (昆明), in Yunnan (云南) Province for the first time. Yunnan Province is located in China’s most southwestern tip, bordering Vietnam, Laos, Burma and Tibet. Kunming is the capital and the largest in the Province. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to really explore Kunming, but I was able to of course experience their local cuisine. I ended up at a local restaurant that had quaint decorations. Food was just average, either drenched in oil or sauce, but at least I got to try Yunnan cuisine – see for yourself.

It was necessary to walk off the excess fat and MSG – lucky that I had to because I came across this square surrounded by local shops and major department stores. I wasn’t there for shopping, but it was worthwhile to check out the night scene. As I was walking around, the air was particularly clean and clear that night. It is not always that air in China is always polluted. Yunnan is known for its lack of pollution – definitely refreshing!

I actually didn’t stay in Kuming city, but rather, a resort that was around one hour east, in Yiliang county. The hotel itself is nothing to comment on, but its golf course is top 100 golf courses outside of the United States, rated by Golf Digest. I must say, the golf course is pretty amazing. Too bad I don’t golf.

Besides the golf course, food compensated the quality of the resort. I had authentic Yunnan “Across the Bridge Noodles” 過橋米線 – 过桥米线 – the most famous dish in Yunnan. It consists of a large bowl of hot chicken stock accompanied by Chef’s choice of the freshest raw meats (usually chicken, ham) veggies and sauces. Diners then mix the raw ingredients and rice noodles into the hot soup until cooked. Even though the portion I had was huge, I finished it because it was amazing!

It was a pity I wasn’t able to explore too much of Kunming, but like Qingdao, I will definitely go back and further explore.



  1. I spent one night in Kunming last year as I was flying from there back home. I spent some time in Lijiang and Dali, and spent 1 night in Dongchuan Red Land 3hrs from Kunming. I didnt see much of Kunming, just walked around Green Park.

    • I hope you enjoyed your time in Lijiang and Dali. Lijiang is on my bucket list! I must say, of the many Chinese cities I’ve been to, Kunming has it charm and is unlike many cities in China.

      Thanks for visiting my blog!

      • I preferred Lijiang to Dali, although Lijiang can get very crowded, I walked around the back streets to avoid the crowds. Xizhou near Dali was interesting.

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