Los Angeles Eats

In my previous post, I shared my favorite place to have lobster rolls- after trying 10 different places. In this post, I’m going to document restaurants that’s worthwhile to try and to go back in Los Angeles

Seafood was what we had in mind, specifically, we wanted what’s known as “big headed shrimp”, lobster, and dungeons crab. The first stop was at Oak Tree Inn, which apparently has been around for many years and is a staple to local Asian community to frequent. It was so good, we went there twice, in the three days we were in LA.


“Big Headed Shrimp” – Steamed
“Big Headed Shrimp” – Grilled
Look at the size of the head!

We had the “big headed shrimp” in two styles, steamed and grilled. Both had different flavors but we preferred it steamed because we could taste the freshness and sweetness of the shrimp uninterrupted.

Next was steamed fish, a typical Chinese dish and also lobster with noodles, and finished with spinach in fish soup base. It was all very fresh. The noodles soaked in the juices from the lobster and the sauce -it was so flavorful! I went for seconds and thirds!

Steamed Fish
Lobster with Noodles
My portion of lobster with noodles (of course I had more servings afterwards!)
Spinach with fish soup base


Oak Tree Inn – 1315 Fair Oaks Avenue, South Pasadena, CA 91030

Another place we went to that I’d like to go back is Crustacean by House of An. We went to the one in Beverly Hills. Like the above, this place has been around for many years and is also well known fusion Vietnamese-American cuisine. One of their signature dish – a must have, is their “An’s Famous Roasted Crab” with “An’s Famous Garlic Noodles”. These two items are so famous, they actually trademarked the name! It was truly scrumptious.

View from our table


An’s Famous Roasted Crab
An’s Famous Garlic Noodles

In addition to trying their signature, I was impressed with the other items we ordered, whether it be the appetizers or other mains, our stomachs were satisfied when we left. To add, their service is impeccable, making our experience a memorable one.

Our appetizers:

Salt and Pepper Calamari


Vietnamese Spring Rolls
Coconut Prawns
Beef Tacos

Our other mains:

Shaken Beef
Seasonal Vegetables

Crustacean by House of An – 9646 South Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

In my next post, I will share worthwhile places in San Francisco, stay tuned!






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